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Party of Five

Party of Five


A handmade concrete planter featuring an assortment of 5 different types of echeverias and graptoverias, a truly unique and colorful addition to any indoor or outdoor space.


Echeverias and graptoverias are both types of succulent plants, known for their thick, fleshy leaves and ability to store water. These plants are low maintenance and easy to care for, making them a great choice for a concrete planter.


Please note: these plants are sent as cuttings to ensure they fit and grow as best as possible in their new planter.


For details of how to care for this plant please click the links below:

1 x Echeveria - Lola

1 x Graptoveria - Lilac Spoons

1 x Echeveria - Albicans

1 x Graptoveria - Moonglow

1 x Calara Hybrid


Planter Details:

Colour: Charcoal Grey
Material: Concrete

Planter - Approx - L: 26cm x W: 4cm x H: 4cm

Planter Tray  - Approx - L: 26cm x W: 4cm x H: 4cm



*Size and colours of plants may vary, not any 1 arrangement is exactly the same and minor variations may occur.


** Perfectly imperfect, our concrete planters are all handmade so you may notice some minor imperfections such as air bubbles, voids and pin holes which brings out the natural look of our concrete creations.


*** Due to the nature of the products and movement with shipping arrangements are sent as kits. 

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