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Lithops - Living Stones

Lithops - Living Stones


Lithops Optica are a small succulent with obconical to almost club-shaped bodies of two opposite leaves with a smooth texture, whitish-grey to grey-green, and transparent windows at their top surface. The stem is very short and not visible. Bodies are up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter. Each body will produce a solitary, daisy-like, bright white flower, sometimes with pink tips and up to 1 inch (2.5 cm) in diameter. 


Lithops develop a new set of leaves every year, with new leaves emerging in the fall and growing through the winter and into the summer. The plant will go dormant in late summer, and water should be severely restricted to prevent bursting leaves. The flowers appear near the end of summer or fall, first showing up as a small bud forcing its way between the leaves, and growth will begin again. It's safe to water during this period. The leaves will still be growing into the winter, but you should stop watering, even as the older leaves shrivel up and encase the new growth. In the spring, it's safe to begin lightly watering again as the plant starts to grow again, heading toward its summer dormancy period and the emergence of new leaves in the fall.



* Picture and information intended only as a guide. Size and colours of plants will vary, not any 1 plant is exactly the same and minor variations will occur.


** All plants will be posted bare rooted.

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