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Flo & Loui

Flo & Loui


This arrangement features a pair of lovebird flamingo terrarium minis, Florence & Loui,  3 x mini shells and the perfect succa to compliment that palm springs look, a Pachypodium Lamerei Fiherense.


Plant Details: Pachypodium Lamerei aka Madagascar Palm.

Pachypodium Lamerei aren't actually a palm but are a large growing succulent originating from Madagascar. They have distinctive slow growing trunks covered in spines which get swollen with age and are topped with a crown of narrow green leaves. Clusters of beautiful Frangipani-like white flowers in spring/summer. Prefers a hot, dry position with well drained soil or can be grown in a large pot. Keep drier in winter * when the plant goes into dormancy and sheds its leaves. Protect from frost. A great addition to a waterwise garden or balcony.

Can grow up to 6m in height if repotted.


Planter Details:

Colour: Grey concrete pot, pink resin terrarium mini

Material: Concrete, resin, shell and decorative sand.

Size: Approx - L: 12cm x W: 12cm x H: 12cm

Drainage: Yes



*Size and colours of plants may vary, not any 1 arrangement is exactly the same and minor variations may occur.


** Perfectly imperfect, our concrete planters are all handmade so you may notice some minor imperfections such as air bubbles, voids and pin holes which brings out the natural look of our concrete creations.


*** Due to the nature of the products and movement with shipping arrangements are sent as kits. 

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