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Echinopsis - Chamaecereus Peanut Cactus Deep Red

Echinopsis - Chamaecereus Peanut Cactus Deep Red


This small branched cactus grows up to around 15cm tall when mature. A hugely popular ornamental cactus, it is admired for its unusual, crowded, finger-like pale green stems and bright, orangey-red to scarlet flowers. Young stems appear to resemble peanuts, giving rise to the common name Peanut Cactus. Later, shoots will lengthen into the distinctive ‘fingers’ and bear whitish spines.


A fast spreading plant with shallow roots, it is easy to grow in hanging baskets and shallow containers, thriving when provided a well-drained potting mix. Place in partial shade, or in cooler climates, grow in full sun. To ensure good flowering and a neat appearance, keep the plant close to a sunny window. This plant requires minimal watering.



* Picture and information intended only as a guide.  Size and colours of plants will vary, not any 1 plant is exactly the same and minor variations will occur.


** All plants will be posted bare rooted.


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