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Parodia - Mammulosus

Parodia - Mammulosus


Parodia mammulosa is a very variable species, and there are many different forms and cultivars. Some forms have more ribs, while others have fewer. Some have longer spines, while others have shorter spines. Some have a smooth, glossy surface, while others have a bumpy or warty surface.


Parodia mammulosa is a relatively easy cactus to care for. It prefers full sun and well-draining soil. It can be watered regularly during the growing season, but should be allowed to dry out completely between waterings. It is not cold-hardy and should be protected from frost.



* Picture and information intended only as a guide.  Size and colours of plants will vary, not any 1 plant is exactly the same and minor variations will occur.


** All plants will be posted bare rooted.


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