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Agave - Lime Streak (LIMITED)

Agave - Lime Streak (LIMITED)


*** LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE*** Please contact us to verify availabilty before placing an order for this item :)


'Lime Streak' is a unique and eye-catching succulent plant that is native to the arid regions of the southwestern United States and Mexico. This plant is a cultivar of the Agave parryi truncata species and is prized for its distinctive appearance and hardy nature.


The most noticeable feature of Agave parryi truncata 'Lime Streak' is its leaves, which are thick and fleshy and arranged in a rosette formation. The leaves are a pale green color with striking lime green streaks that run along the edges and form intricate patterns.


This plant is drought-tolerant and requires very little water to thrive, making it an ideal choice for xeriscaping or for those who live in dry climates. It prefers full sun but can also tolerate some shade and can grow up to 60 cm tall and 90 cm wide.



* Picture and information intended only as a guide.  Size and colours of plants will vary, not any 1 plant is exactly the same and minor variations will occur.


** All plants will be posted bare rooted.


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