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Conditions of Hire Agreement

 Applies to all picnic, game, tent and umbrella equipment hire. This document (along with payments of both deposit and bond) is to be reviewed, completed and submitted to secure your booking. 

All Packages require a $50.00 deposit which secures your chosen date. Event dates cannot be held until this payment has been received. 

A $50.00 security bond is also required upon booking. This bond will be refunded into your chosen account within 72 hours after your event, provided there are no missing items nor damage has occurred.

Full payment is due 14 days prior to your event. This is a condition of this agreement and we reserve the right to refuse delivery/supply of equipment without any liability for any consequential loss to you if you have not done so.

All items need to be returned within the hired hours, in the same condition as when provided ie clean, dry, unsoiled, undamaged. Clean up kits are available to purchase should your picnic event be held in a public space where access to clean water is unavailable.

At no time are items to be left unattended in a public space. The hirer is responsible for any damage, loss or extensive cleaning and will be accountable to pay costs incurred which may include replacement, repair and or cleaning of items as well as a loss of earnings due to the direct result of the equipment being out of commission.
These costs will come out of the bond and Shore Vibes will request further payment if damages or losses are not covered by the bond.
It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all possible steps are taken to avoid injury to users or damage to the hired equipment. Equipment is never to be left alone by the client at any time to avoid theft.

- Shore Vibes Set Up Option
You must ensure the area in which the equipment is to be set up is cleared of furniture and any other items that may make the set up difficult, at the agreed arrival time. We cannot assist in moving heavy items of furniture or other items. Access to the space should also be clear to allow the equipment to be delivered safely. It is your responsibility to measure the space required to accommodate the events set up. No recompense will be given if equipment cannot be fully utilized due to inaccurate measurement of the space.

*Bookings made via Sunshine Coast Elopers 
We understand your wedding day is a busy one. If you are booking the Shore Vibes Set Up Option please disregard information regarding clean up. We will handle this for you. Conditions regarding extensive cleaning, lost or damaged items still applies. 

- DIY Set Up Option
Collection for DIY is Nirimba. Please ensure your mode of transport is large enough for pick up of all items. 

Any cancellations up to 14 days prior to your event date will receive a full refund.
Any cancellations after this time will result in a loss of the $50.00 deposit.

All outdoor events are subject to the elements, therefore weather is completely out of our control. Shore Vibes does not subject our items to any weather conditions that may cause damage.
Should the weather not be perfect for your picnic event, we recommend you have a wet weather backup plan, so your picnic can still be fantastic.  We are pretty flexible as our picnics can be set-up in any undercover area such as a verandah, balcony, deck, patio, lounge, rumpus room, garage or shed.  We can set up in a local private residence or local tourist accommodation provided there is adequate space available to do so.

We cannot refund payment due to a wet weather cancellation. Your wet weather plan must be easily accessible or extra fees may apply.  

Our beach tents and umbrellas are not designed to be used in adverse weather conditions. Once pitched, we reserve the right to deconstruct or require DIY clients to remove any or all tents and all equipment should there be any rainfall or unsafe wind conditions. 

The event as well as the back up location is the responsibility of the client to choose and to acquire any necessary council permits if required.

Upon booking, a picture ID of the person hiring Shore Vibes equipment will be required. ID needs to include a picture, full name and address of the hirer ie license or passport. All information is kept private.

Shore Vibes and/or any of their representatives shall not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage to persons or property sustained as a result of any failure by any person to follow these terms and conditions or any other rules set out by Shore Vibes prior to hire.

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Thank you for choosing Shore Vibes! <3

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